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Quote of the Day, Hemingway

"Prose is architecture, not interior decoration, and the Baroque is over." - Ernest Hemingway At best, I'm ambivalent about Hemingway. The awesome, booze-soaked Parisian meanderings aside, dude had some serious issues. I read The Sun Also Rises, and Did. Not. Get. It. I remember my English teacher, Ms. Stubbs, asking me, "You knew he… Continue reading Quote of the Day, Hemingway


from facebook… 25 things which are true/blah

cross-posted because of kandigurl's writing encouragement group...  🙂  1,359 words!!! Description by JP2: "This meme has been so warn out by now it is really starting to smell. But in the interest of being annoying, letting you know more about myself (maybe), and wasting time at work, here are my 25 random factoids about myself."… Continue reading from facebook… 25 things which are true/blah