We all know that Firefly is awesome.   I know you're thinking -- "How, if possible, could Firefly get any better?"It's hard to believe...  yet, my friends, yet...FIREFLY IN BLU-RAY IS EVEN AWESOMER!!!!!you get to see so much up close and personal.  and we watched with friends last night and it was AWESOME.one person hadn't seen... Continue Reading →

yes more snow.

kay everyone.  I'm hanging out in my pajamas on mom's couch - I'm snowed in at mom's.there are no hot guys around to amuse me or to edify my physical desires.  damn.  (and I left my "personal love kit" at home.)  what is the other name for it?  ahh... yess...  "battery operated boyfriend."   yes,... Continue Reading →

Ahh, JOSS.

I've missed you.  Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog had its' moments.  and my roommate has all SEVEN seasons of Buffy on disc.  So we get our fix.  But a new show?  DO Tell?!I'm looking forward to seeing a show where I don't know what's happened already.  (e.g. I keep watching Firefly to find if there's... Continue Reading →


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